Thursday, October 29, 2020

What a Puzzle!

We found this puzzle online and ordered the 100 piece version from Amazon.  It is laser cut wood with no indication of where the pieces might go - except for a faint wood grain.  Trying to find that first piece was a challenge.  After working on it for four days - on and off - successful!  We're trying it again, but this time we've rotated it 180 degrees.  It now seems harder!  It's called a DevilPuzzle and is very well made.  There are other versions out there.  We may be forced to try the even harder version.

The things we do in isolation!!


Unknown said...

Looks very hard.
Sherry Stern

the oldcomputergeek said...

Yes. You can look and look for a piece and find nothing. BUT, stand in a different spot and the piece magically appears. At least for some of us (and I'm talking about myself and Donna).