Thursday, January 30, 2020

Some Recent Techie Sites Have Discovered

You may detect a certain theme here.  Apple. 

I used a Mac in my last position at SWBT/SBC/ATT and liked many things about it.  But after retirement, all the Mac goodies became too expensive to buy outright, so I sold my Mac and stayed with the PC.  Besides, all the people that needed help on computers only had Windows AND the software was cheap and easily copied to use on all machines.

Some time ago I "forced" myself to use less of Windows and more of Mac.  I just "knew" the Mac was not better than the PC, but I wanted to experiment to make sure.  I secured an older Mac Mini and have been using it almost always for my computing needs.  I am now a convert.  So much so that I rarely switch to the Windows PC.  I've also found that the various free Linux OSs are quite fast and provide a plethora of open-source (i.e., FREE) software for a variety of uses.  Anyway, the "forced" use of a Mac is no longer.  I like the Mac.  And, I like the iPhone.  I've discovered the iPhone is easier to use, and the updates rarely cause problems.  But the Android OS IS prettier.

My Mac Mini, MacBook Air (thank you Dave Keeney), iPad Air (thank you Donna), iPhone 7+, and iPhone SE are all previously used - refurbished by either Apple or some other provider.  They all look and behave like new AND each is several hundred dollars cheaper than new.  So now I live in an Apple universe, but also keep my homemade and superfast Windows 10 computer updated with the latest releases - just to keep current with Windows problems.

There you have it.  The reason I'll probably post more about Apple than Microsoft on this blog.

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Of Interest -

I've been saving web site links I come across that might be interesting to the visitors of this site.  I use Simplenote (a very easy note-taking app that works on all platforms - I hope) to save these links for later reading.

Here goes -

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Windows 7 Is Over - What to Do?

As you may know, Windows 7 is way past it's prime - no more update from Microsoft.  If you failed to take advantage of the Windows 10 free upgrade, how about considering a Linux install.  It's free and it's a great operating system.  I've tried many, but think that Linux Mint is the way to go.  Remember however, it is not Windows, so if you have a Windows program you just can't live without, there may be some bumps.

Take a look at this article -

Chromebook - What’s Happened to You?

Monday, January 6, 2020


Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Your 2020 checklist: 6 steps to a safer digital life

Security is More Important Than Ever

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Your 2020 checklist: 6 steps to a safer digital life