Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ants, Weeds, Monsoon

Yesterday, we finished up our latest round of Caretaking. Steve suffered minor injuries from lot's of ants at one leaking pipe location, but the weed problem seems to have diminished, somewhat. Just in time for the monsoon season! Today's paper forecasted a chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday, and, what looks like lightning bolts on Monday and Tuesday. The lightning storms are always fun to watch. As an old Kansas boy, Steve is especially fond of thunderstorms. The extremely heavy rain - not so much.

We are glad there is another couple in the park that we can play with this summer. We're not sure how we would have survived without them. A few days ago we had a long, but exciting, Trivial Pursuit battle - guys against girls. It had been several years since our last game, but we did remember some of the answers. Oh, the guys beat the girls!!! Is anyone surprised?

This is for the caretaking readers (well, for everyone, actually). I'm still posting on Twitter our park activities. At this time, only a couple of you are following me. Do a little research on Twitter, I think you'll find it is a secure way (unlike Facebook) to broadcast data to a select group of people. I'm also finding that Google Buzz is also used quite a bit as the same sort of mechanism; especially in the rest of the world. Rumor is that Google will announce a product very soon that will be a viable facebook competitor. Probably something built from twitter/buzz.

Anyway, let me provide again, my twitter name: "stevecaretaker". My other twitter name is: "steve_shaff". Quite a few of you use Gmail - you might want to try Buzz.

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