Saturday, January 23, 2010


We know it's been a long time with a new post, but .... we've been busy. The Activities Season is in full swing, so Donna is involved in a variety of projects. It looks like February will be non-stop! Steve is working almost fulltime in the Sales Office. He's handling new and used sales. As in the housing market, the market of Park Models is also a little depressed. Buyers are getting some good deals.

I think I've previously stated we will spend the summer in the Valley. Just to see how hot it really is (not really, we're staying to be caretakers for some of the park models and Steve will spend some time in Home Sales). In addition to the caretaker responsibilities, Donna will do crafty things, like - making Roman shades for the living room; and trivets. We also plan to take several mini camping trips. We've had to revise that activity somewhat, in that most all the State Parks in Arizona are shutting down because of the economy. Not sure that makes sense.

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