Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Road Trips

I'm a little late in posting, but take a look at some new pictures here.  A group of us helped Keith celebrate his birthday by visiting the Heart Attack Grill.  CBS Sunday Morning had a blurb about it a couple of months ago.  It looked great - at least for we guys.  Good looking "nurses" in skimpy outfits AND greasy hamburgers!!  Whew!  Well, it has lost it's luster.  Tired "nurses" and limp french fries were what we found.  And, after driving many miles.  Happy Birthday, Keith.

Another of Connie's Triple D cafes is Thee Pitts Again.  Also a long way from Gold Canyon.  Most of the food was pretty good, but the onion rings and fried zuchinni were VERY greasy (and old grease, too).  Matt's Big Breakfast is STILL at the top of our list.

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