Sunday, September 23, 2012

MaximumPC Windows 8 Review

Maximum PC is currently the only pc magazine I get on paper.  It has become thinner over the years, but still contains some good articles for the Old Computer Geek.  This article covering Windows 8 is one of the good ones.  You should read it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blocking Web Trackers

Several of you know that I've mentioned Ghostery as Chrome extension that will help you block web trackers.  Well, I've learned of a new one, Abine, that appears to do a pretty good job, too.  So far I like it better because it gives you an easy way to release a site from these cookies, if you so desire.

Abine works with IE and Chrome; however, when I tried to add it to IE10, it gave a notification that they weren't quite ready for Windows 8, and that I should use it at my own risk.  Think I'll try it anyway!

It's working well in Chrome, though.  So far, for each site I've visited, both Ghostery and Abine register the same amount of trackers.

Here's the link that caused me to investigate Abine -  Seems that facebook is BIG into following everything you do online.