Thursday, May 14, 2020

Vima This Morning

Yesterday I showed you a new app I'm using - Vima.  I used it again on our morning walk.  Today we walked ALMOST every street - trying not to walk a street more than once.  We did not walk Oregon Trail, the new cul-de-sac near the tennis courts, or that STEEP hill behind us up Illinois.  We did the rest and evidently that's a little over three miles.  You'll notice an aberration part way down Illinois where the map then draws a straight line over to New Mexico.  That seems to be the place we stopped and I adjusted the brightness on the phone.  Evidently this causes a pause in the program OR I touched "pause" inadvertently.  I discovered the program was paused (and then pressed "resume") as we started around New Mexico (the other end of the straight line).  Consequently, I don't know if the program included the time and distance of that straight line, but I suspect it did.

I think it's a great little program.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Catching Up with Some New Posts

It's been several days since an update to the blog, but I've gathered several links that might interest you.  But first a nice photograph suitable for a desktop pix.

I think it is quite nice.  Enjoy on your computer. (Channels 3 and 5) has a nice app and can let you pick your location for "local" news as well as national.  I check it at least once a day.
 Have you ever heard of the game called Frosthaven?  Me either, but it seems to be VERY popular.

 100 Things to do while self-isolating

I found a walking app that works well with my iphone.  I tried it this morning (had an operator error at the beginning of the walk, but corrected the error while on Arizona - time is correct, but distance is a about a half mile short).  I did put the phone asleep at the walk's beginning, so it looks like the actual track is off.  I'll try a different approach tomorrow

It's called Vima. I like it!

I use a reddit app to browse photos - some of which are outstanding.  Here's one.


 Another beautiful picture taken by accident.