Monday, February 24, 2020

Water Heater Odor

I've mentioned this remedy before, but it's worth another look.  Several park residents return to the winter season after a summer of minimal water heater usage, only to find that rotten egg smell.

This document suggest ways to remove that odor.

Africa's Locust Problem

I remember grasshoppers (locust) made good fish bait.  And they were fun to catch.  But I never remember anything like what's happening in Africa there days!

Unique Password Generator

I was about to place this posting only in my tech blog  (, but thought it might be useful here.

There have been more internet posts lately about password security.  New thinking indicates a long phrase (something you can remember) of non-related words might offer the best defense of password hacking.  I have used this concept when creating my most important passwords.

Here is a site that will generate passwords based upon user input of a phrase format.  I suggest you revise your email passwords to follow something like this.  It is better than using initials and birthdates!

Monday, February 17, 2020

Recent Site Viewing I Liked

I know this list is long, but there must be something here you could use.

Peralta Regional Park targets 2021 opening after receiving $2M grant