Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Still Here!

It has been a long time, but here are some links you might find useful.

Why is my PC Running Out of Memory?  http://gu.com/p/49y96?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_CloudMagic

The Modern Desktop  Make your desktop shine!

 How to Rip, Convert, and Stream Your Media

 How to Use GIMP Photo Editor  All you'll ever need - and it's free!

The Best Duplicate File Finder for Windows  I seem to end up with many photo duplicates.  Especially since I've uploaded everything to Google Photos.  It's a mess, but everything is there.  However, for those stored on my pc (and external drives), it's be nice to have only one copy of each photo.  These tools will help.

Why 'C' is the Default Hard Drive Letter in So Many Computers  Interesting article.

That's it for now.  BTW, I'm currently using Windows 10 and it appears to be pretty good.  Once again, it's a slightly different interface.  Better than 8?  Maybe.  Better than 7?  Maybe.  But, you'd better learn to like it if you're staying with Windows.  Good luck.