Thursday, August 28, 2014

Texas Rain Storm

Traveling across the Midwest a few days ago gave us an opportunity for some far-horizon pictures; something we don't always see in the Phoenix area.  Here's a picture, with some post processing, just off I-40 near the New Mexico border.  It's a multiple exposure shot - thus the resulting extra blades on the wind turbines.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Computer Classes by Howard Dym

Howard just posted this on facebook regarding this year's computer classes at the Park.

Computer Classes will begin in September and end go through March and will be offered every other week. You can sign-up in the Computer Lab for a PRIVATE 15 minute session on any topic you'd like. We'll try to have a handout for you before the session. Please bring all necessary computers, tablets, phones, or software to the session. Other residents can stay for the entire session of all others but cannot interrupt the private session. All sessions are FREE.

Heard of CryptoWall? You better this.

Cryptowall is one of those pesky ransomware viruses, and I do mean pesky.  Down right mean!

Here's a very good description of the beast and how you might get rid of it.  My advise - don't get it to begin with.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Tonight's Sunset is Fine!

Android Email Apps

Drippler ( sends me daily posts regarding my Android device.  Today's information concerns email programs -  I've tried K-9 and, of course, gmail.  I think all in their list are certainly worth a try.  I've settled on Aquamail (; you may want to try it, as well.  If you only have one email account, then these programs may not be of benefit.  They are useful for multiple email accounts.  You have nothing to lose; give them a try.