Saturday, August 10, 2013


As more and more people use internet devices, it behooves us to be as secure as possible.  This article discusses a hijacking program called dSploit.  This software can monitor unencrypted wifi traffic; consequently, it can obtain passwords, credit card information, etc.  Anything you type on an unencrypted internet connection.  Although it provides sufficient information to enable this activity, it also provides steps you can take to prevent this possible, but unlikely, action being taken against you.  The meat of the article is contained in the last section - "How Can I Protect Myself?"  Those are easy steps to take to prevent a major inconvenience in you life.

Friday, August 2, 2013


Received my new Chromecast yesterday.  It has potential for being an excellent product.  Not too many sites support it now, but for $35 you can't go wrong.

I finally purchased a cell phone with enough memory - the HTC One.  Seems pretty speedy.

Free Software

Free is always good!  Take a look at this link to a site that reviews some software that, in their opinion, would be worth paying for.  Some of these you might want to try.