Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Both Ill

Donna's had a cold/virus for the past several days. Even went to the Doctor, which is rare for her (women never get sick; women can handle pain better; women don't whine. I'm just paraphrasing here. I am convinced they are the stronger sex). Anyway, the Dr said it's probably a virus - she should get better soon. But she has given it to me - in the form of a head cold and coughing. We're a fun couple right now. Our extended trip, to see family and friends, begins on Monday. Hope we feel better soon.

Nothing extraordinary to report on the caretaker front. We've had wind the past two days, but nothing very strong. Gusts were forecasted to be about 35mph. It's supposed to get down to 44 degrees tonight. Everyone seems to have new weeds - they were sprayed again this week.

This upcoming trip will give us an idea just how fast the buckets of water evaporate in some of your homes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

More Tips

Here's more -


Donna's Last Day; Caretaking

Today was Donna's last day of the season - her last as Assistant. Her next day at work was scheduled for September 13, but that was changed today. Her new start date is September 27 - she'll have to hit the ground running a little faster! She is excited.

Next week is a caretaking week; we plan to perform that function every two weeks. A little glitch this next week - water will be shut off on Monday for repairs. There is no word on how long that might take, so we plan to do Monday's work on Sunday. We now have a hitch for the golf cart and can attach the supply wagon - no need to pull it around the park. Yeah!

The trip to MO/AR is a go; might even loop through IA & WI. Will let you know about the trip later.

Cool here today, but will warm up soon. Glad we're not in the midwest now - too many storms for us.

Monday, April 12, 2010


My allergies are much worse this Spring - must be a lot of stuff floating around. We have so many flowers blooming now - the pollen count must be off the charts. I've had several people recommend I start eating local honey, so I fill up a teaspoon every couple of hours. Still no relief (it must take quit a while to build up an immunity).

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Season End

The end of the current season is in sight. The Park is becoming a little less populated - in a few weeks it'll be a ghost town.

We've begun the caretaking job and have found that cleaning up around Cholla's is pretty exciting. Donna had to use barbecue tongs to pick those nasty things up! Beginning next week, we'll be spending about four days a week, every other week, keeping up with the requirements of this job. We think this will be a great summer.

We'll keep you up-to-date on this latest adventure.