Sunday, September 27, 2009

Several Days after "Tomorrow"

Mediacom has yet to begin construction in the park. Too bad they couldn't get their act together before the opening.

The cardiologist wants me to have a sleep study!!! Donna and I are still discussing that. We both see our GP tomorrow; I need a prescription update and Donna needs to talk about her recent blood test. No wonder health care is so high. These doctors always want to do something. They act like they need more money.

We have the rock installed; decided to just get it done. My back is a little sore, but thanks to Don, the job went a lot quicker.

Oh, and we did get a carpet cleaner - the deck almost seems new, now. The cleaner sucked up a lot of mud from the older side of the deck - looked like it had never been cleaned.

Donna starts work on Thursday - forecasted to be the first comfortable day this summer.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I visit the cardiologist tomorrow - always a fun time.

After that visit, we plan to hit Wal Mart and see what kinds of carpet cleaning machines they have. It's time to clean the carpet, both on the deck and inside. I've seen some good reviews on a Hoover model. I've read that I should clean the deck carpeting at least once a week. That does sound like work.

Today we measured our "yard"; tomorrow we'll find out how much new rocks cost - better than cutting grass.

We did get a new range to match the microwave. The trim was completed on the flooring. The wine rack is full. Now, if someone will show up in the park, the parties can begin.

Oh, and also tomorrow, Mediacom is to begin the installation of facilities for cable tv and internet. It's gonna be a busy day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The sunsets are still beautiful here. In addition to this beauty, I was able to watch the International Space Station/Shuttle fly over a little later. I'm still amazed how fast the transit takes. I read it took only 5 minutes from horizon to horizon.

We've been busy upgrading some of the things here - new kitchen sink and faucet, and new tile for the kitchen and bath. Donna is so happy.

We're contemplating the replacement of the range. I think it is the original, and is a little dated. Both Home Depot and Bestbuy have one on sale with a glass top. This possible replacement is styled a lot like the new microwave we installed last year. Little by little ...

We're still discussing the need for larger rocks in our yard - still too hot to pursue that at this time.

There is a contact for Mediacom and we have talked to her a couple of times. She appears to be new on this job - hope she can last. At least she'll learn something about the cable industry - I'm not sure I want to be one of her trainers. They still are promising service the first of October, and, yet, no activity is seen in the park.