Current Computer Projects

Here's my list of currently used computers:

1. HTPC (home theater pc) - A Dell mini with ssd and extra memory.  This pc is my home made set top box to run, primarily, KODI.  Kodi is the new name of XBMC (xbox media center).  Basically, this computer provides video and audio from internet channels (video and music), playback and recording of the park's cable tv, and playback of locally stored video and audio.  It does a fine job.

2. Home built Windows 10 pc - Very fast and compact, this pc plays dvd and accesses locally stored media.  I'm currently running preview versions of Windows 10.

3. Macintosh Mini - The least expensive way for me to get back into Apple products.  Obtained to help with macOS learning; there are a few people that need Mac help in the Park.  I've upgraded the internal drive to ssd, so it's a little faster.  Apple now makes it difficult to add ram, so I'm stuck at 2GB.  It's fairly fast, but I find it a less useful than a Windows machine.  Sorry, Apple Fans!

4. ASUS Chromebox.  I've upgraded the memory and have attached a ssd.  This is the fastest web browsing machine.  I think Chromebook/Chromebox is THE computer for the near future.  I'm currently using it to create this web site.  Presently I use it for all pc activity, except disc burning and ripping.  Still using the Windows 10 box for that.

5. Waiting for delivery of a Dell Chromebook 13 with touchscreen.  After much research, I believe this to be the laptop of choice at the current time.  HP has a REAL nice unit that compare favorably to the Mac Air and is much cheaper.  However, the HP Chromebook 13 does not currently have a touch screen and the ability to update the ssd.  I chose the touchscreen because Google is releasing to the Chromebooks the ability to RUN CHROMEOS AND ANDROID ON THE SAME COMPUTER!  Two great operating systems in one.

6. Donna has the Chromebook Pixel and should get the update for the Android/Chrome feature any day now.  However, she's not nearly as excited about that as I am.  So far.

7. Included in the computer stash, is a Nexus 7, Pixel C, Lenovo Yoga 2 10, and a couple of working cell phones (and several old cell phones - want to buy one?).