Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LPs to Digital

I've had a few questions, in the past, about converting LPs to a digital format.  I have no personal experience with products like these, but they should do the job.  You'd probably have to use some software to take out the pops and cracks.

Anyway, an ad in today's newspaper for Kohl's shows this product (http://www.ionaudio.com/profilelp) for $79.99.  Might be worth it for those of you with a collection of vintage LPs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Park User Group

I've added a new "group" to the park's activities.  "Old Computer Geeks".  This group will meet once a week at 10am in the Prickly Pear room.  This will be a non-structured meeting, in that discussion topics are unlimited.  Come to the meeting with questions, problems, ideas, etc.  Someone in the group is sure to have an answer for ideas for further research.  Presentation on various subjects will be appreciated.

In addition to this site, I'd really like every attendee to obtain a twitter account so that we can quickly provide information to each other and to all group members regarding these techie things.  Using twitter is very easy.  Give it a try.

My oldcomputergeek twitter name is:  oldcomputergeek.  I also have stevecaretaker as the twitter name for caretaking activities.  And, last, but not least, is steve_shaff for everything else.

Henceforth, I'll only mention this particular group/activity on www.oldcomputergeek.com.  Please set that site up in your favorite RSS reader so you won't miss any entries.

I know several residents who have purchased Android phones.  Here's a great opportunity to gain knowledge from one of the smallest computers available.  Let the hacking begin!!!