Monday, May 25, 2009

Windows 7 Continued

I installed W7 on a HP Pavilion tx2000 notebook with fingerprint reader, swivel touch screen, and built-in wifi/bluetooth. Neither the fingerprint reader nor the bluetooth works. Shortly after the install, bluetooth recognized the cell phone and, briefly, the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse. Now, nothing. The web isn't much help, either. But it is nice to know that others are having similar problems. Touch screen is more precise than it was in Vista.

Now the good - hibernation currently works much faster than it did in Vista. Boot times seem much quicker, too. I do like the combination quick launch and running programs bar better. It first I thought I wanted the separate quick launch toolbar, but now, not so much.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Windows 7

Last week the release candidate for Windows 7 was made available to the general public. Being the leading edge sort of a person I am, I spent the day trying to get it downloaded and installed. If you upgrade from Vista, expect the installation to be very long. AND, I found that strange things happened with the upgrade.

I then did something drastic - I did a new install of 7 and erased Vista! Windows 7 seems to run a little better and the install was much quicker. BTW, unless you hack the download file a little bit, what you will install is the Ultimate Edition. Not sure what that really gives you yet (I need to read more), but it will last until June of 2010. At which time you must buy 7 or go back to a previous version.

The UI is slightly different than Vista - maybe better?!?! It may load a little faster and I think hibernation is faster, too.

More later.